Blog #10: 4/20 and Cannabis

Hello my fellow Medicinalizers! Welcome to the blog! On 4/20, I will be talking about what 4/20 means to me personally!

4/20 to me is just another day but a special one at the same time! The reason it is just another day for me is that I use cannabis regularly and I use it for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is something that I enjoy and I have those 4/20 vibes daily. The reason why 4/20 is a special day is that this date is specifically a holiday for cannabis. I think that it is pretty cool how an inside joke turned into a national holiday for cannabis! 4/20 is a reminder to me about all the good things and memories cannabis has brought to my life.

It is a day where people that are regular consumers and ones that are not that come together to enjoy cannabis. Smoking cannabis with other people is a great way to build connections and bonds with one another. Some of my best friendships in my life have came from smoking cannabis with one another. 4/20 is just a great day to come together to get high with one another and go to another stratosphere.

That’s all I got for this blog! It was a short one and wanted to get my thoughts on 4/20 and what it means to me!

What does 4/20 mean to you? Let me know in the comments!

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