Blog #3: Cannabis is Beneficial if Used Properly

Ever since the prohibition of cannabis in the United States started back in the 1930s, there has been debates whether cannabis is a beneficial plant to use. Numerous anti cannabis campaigns were spread throughout the media and it helped shape the view on cannabis in the mainstream media.

The laws on cannabis only began to tighten up and they got only more strict over the years. One of the many important laws against cannabis is that the federal government put it on the “Schedule 1” drugs. That means it has no “accepted medicinal treatment use in the U.S.”.

The good news is that the shift on cannabis has begun to shift! At the time of this article, currently 16 states that have legalized recreational cannabis to adults that are 21+ years old.

I’m going to first mention the key to using cannabis to your benefit and not your detriment. The key is to NOT BE DEPENDENT ON CANNABIS! If you tell yourself that you can’t live without cannabis, then what will cause problems in all phases of your life.

If you cannabis as something that helps make your life better, while not being dependent on it, there is nothing wrong with using cannabis! Using cannabis can be used for so many different purposes that I will get into in future blogs!

Where most cannabis users go wrong is not taking “tolerance breaks” every once in awhile to lower your tolerance, therefore not needing to use as much cannabis to get the desired effects. I was very guilty of this as well in the past. A recommendation is that every 4-6 months, take a 1 month break from cannabis and make sure to drink 1/2-1 gallon of water per day along with working out a few times per week! Always drink water and workout regularly no matter what!

That should do it for this blog. What are your thoughts and experiences on the pros and cons of using cannabis? Do you have any ways of using cannabis beneficially? Leave a comment!

Thank you for viewing my blog today!

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