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Blog #7: We Have To Start At The Local Level To Get Our Freedoms Back

Hello my fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! In this blog, I’m going to mention the importance of starting to get politically active at the local level to get our freedoms back!

Usually when we start to think of how we can get involved politically, we think of being involved at the national level. It is important, but it is way more important to start at the local level and work your way up. I’m going to give a few ways how to start getting politically active.

The first step to get politically active at the local level is to get INFORMED first. If you are not informed on what your beliefs are and don’t have facts, evidence, and logic to back up your message, it will be close to impossible to make an impact politically. Getting informed takes time, hard work, and focus. Hours and hours of research is essential in order to be informed.

After getting informed, then you have to start informing others. It does not good to be informed and not spread your wisdom and knowledge to others! People are looking for the truth more now than ever. There are numerous ways in order to get your message out.

The third step is to look up your governor and your local mayor. With the COVID-1984 hysteria, we have seen the truth character and intentions of these people in higher positions. With all of the negative things that come with this, there is some positive that comes out of this as well. You get to see who are the people in power that are for the people or that have lobbyist money behind their every move. Once you find out the tyrannical leaders, it’s important to vote them out of their positions and vote in people that are for freedom and pro-humanity.

The last thing I wanted to mention is to participate in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and speak the truth because the truth will always win. It’s important to ignore and block out the shame tactics that will be thrown your way when you are fighting for freedom and good in this world! For example, speak out on the face masks and how they aren’t effective and is an infringement on your freedoms. There are plenty more examples for you to take action on!

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Blog #5: The Importance of Being on Multiple Free Speech Social Media Platforms

Hello! You fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! In this blog, I will mention the importance of being on MULTIPLE FREE SPEECH social media platforms and not just one.

With Big Tech platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) cracking down on Free Speech and the free flow of information, these alternative Free Speech social media platforms are crucial to be able to communicate freely with one another! There has been a mass exodus from Big Tech ever since President Donald J. Trump got deplatformed from Big Tech platforms.

Another thing that is important to understand is FINANCIALLY support these platforms that support the First Amendment and protect Free Speech and the Free Flow of Information. Freedom is not free and the majority of the human population forget this. We all have the power to vote with our wallets and who we give our attention and time to. I advise you to give it to social media platforms that protect Freedom of Speech and the Free Flow of Information!

The next thing I want to mention is being on MUTLIPLE free speech platforms and not just one. With our busy lives, I know it is hard to keep up with more than one platform. Still, we have to find a way to get our messages out on multiple platforms and spread our messages FREELY! Being on multiple Free Speech social media platforms, you spread your reach to more people and you can also get more valuable content from others as well!

One other tip to get more content and followers on these platforms is to follow people that have recently joined and that are active on the platform. First off, you will have more of a variety of content on your feed and you help build others build their following as well as yours so our messages can get out to more people! Also, it keeps your feed from being a complete echo chamber of seeing only a few people’s ideas. On each platform you will find some content that isn’t on another one.

Do you have any Free Speech social media platforms that you use? Comment which ones you are on!

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Blog #4: Actions You Can Take To Get Your Freedoms Back!

Ever since mid March of 2020, we have been put under endless tyrannical lockdowns, quarantines, and state mandates. Unfortunately most of the human population have bought into the mainstream media brainwashing and complied with the mandates without questioning them.

So you might be wondering, what actions can I take to get my freedoms back? Good news is that there are actions that you can take to help you move in the right direction and getting your freedoms back! Now let’s go over some actions to take.

  1. Start getting informed and read books and tune into independent news media over mainstream media. Get out of the mental prison of big tech and mainstream media!
  2. Vote with your wallet! Avoid giving your hard earn money to these globalist corporations and give it to smaller businesses.
  3. Understand how we have been dumbed down by the media, technology, fluoride in the water, etc. Then make adjustments and avoid those vices that dumb us down.
  4. Get off big tech platforms and get on platforms such as Gab, Brighteon, and Bitchute that allow free speech and the free flow of information.
  5. Get more self sufficient by getting storable food, water and air filtration, guns and ammo, etc.
  6. Don’t wear the mask when you go into public places but have the mask in your pocket in case they ask you to put it on if you would like. The main point is make them enforce the ridiculous face mask rule. If the workers had to continually enforce the rule, they will give up on it eventually.
  7. Once you feel you are decently well informed, start spreading the truth with people around, on social media, in your local community, etc. Make your voice be heard and use the First Amendment!
  8. Protect your soul from Satan’s trickery.

Those were eight actions that I could think of. Do you have any more actions that people could take to get our freedoms back? Leave a comment!

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Blog #1: What does Freedom mean to You?

Hello you fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! Today, in this blog, I will talk about what freedom means to myself personally.

Slowly over the decades that have passed, the elites have slowly chipped away at our freedoms. They knew that the best way to strip our rights away was to dumb us down from birth and distract us with mindless stuff. Unfortunately it has worked on most of the population.

But the good news is that more people are taking the “red pill” and starting to resist the NWO takeover. People are flocking over to independent news media and pro free speech social media sites such as Gab, Brighteon, and Bitchute! Those sites are getting the free flow of information out there with Big Tech and other entities working together to control the narrative.

To me, the first step is getting out of the mental prison we were lead to since childhood. The public school indoctrination camps and the MSM play a big role. Look up “Operation Mockingbird” for more details.

One of the freedoms being attacked is our First Amendment. Fighting to keep Free Speech alive is essential to be able to be free in the future. Ignoring the PC culture and saying the truth needs to be done in order to keep our constitution alive.

In 2020, the elites pulled the old tyrannical trick of convincing the population of trading their freedoms for their supposed “safety.” Hopefully in 2021 more people start participating in civil disobedience and resist these unconstitutional mandates!

We have to remember what happened in 1776 and appreciate what people went through to gain independence! Also the people since then that have fought for our country and our freedoms as well!

What does freedom mean to you?

I could go on and on about freedom and I will talk about more about it in future blogs!

Thank you so much for viewing my blog today!

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