Blog #14: Exercise and Stay Active

Hello my fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog!

Exercise and stay active! The mind, body, and soul are all connected. When we are not in good shape, not only our bodies suffer, but also our mind and soul as well.

For men, exercising and staying active is important to keep our mojo and testosterone levels up. If our testosterone levels are low, it becomes more difficult to carry out the tasks that men were put on this earth to do.

There are a good amount of people that think that you need a gym membership to get in shape. The good news is you can do a workout at home or even outside! If you can get a gym membership, do it because it’s good to throw up some weight as well.

When we are in good shape, our minds work more efficiently and helps us make better life decisions. It also helps with our state of mind and makes us more content.

Lastly, being in shape helps our soul grow stronger. In the world we are living in, it’s even more crucial to exercise and stay active so our souls are strong to resist the evil in the world.

Stay active people and get your exercise in daily.

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Blog #11: You Should Consider Kickboxing

Hello my fellow Medicinalizers! Welcome to the blog!

Kickboxing is such a fun sport to get into and great workouts as well. I wish I would’ve got into it sooner. Let’s go over three reasons why you should consider get into Kickboxing.

The first reason that comes to mind that it is a full-body workout. Throwing punches and landing kicks works your entire body and it’s a great way to get your whole body toned. It works on both your strength and your cardiovascular endurance as well.

The next reason that I thought of is that it relieves stress and anger in a healthy way. Instead of taking your anger out on people, you can take it out on the bags. After a good Kickboxing workout, you should feel less stressed than before the workout. A great way to relieve anger and stress and get a good workout in.

The third and final reason to get into Kickboxing is that it helps with self-confidence of being able of defending yourself and your loved ones if NEEDED. Hopefully we only have to use our Kickboxing skills only on the punching bags. This will only come with practice and then more practice to get the self-confidence from this.

That was a few reasons to get into kickboxing. Leave some comments on your thoughts or experiences with Kickboxing!

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Blog #9: The Importance of Finding Your Purpose In Life

Hello you fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! This blog will be about the importance of finding your life purpose!

Not having a purpose in life will lead to a multitude of problems in your own life. One of the main problems that it leads to is that you don’t have any drive to accomplish anything in life. If you have no purpose or something that gets you excited to get up in the morning, then life will be very depressing to say the least. It feels so good to get up in the morning and be excited about focusing on your purpose and accomplish great things in life!

The next step is how do you find your purpose? I’m going to go off of my personal experience and how I found my purpose. What worked for me was trying different things in life and learn about different topics. I also believe that your life purpose not only has to make you fulfilled, but your purpose being more than just you. It needs to be able to benefit others in a positive way.

Finding your purpose will just come naturally from having different experiences in life and knowledge from learning and participating in different topics. I want to be clear that you can’t put no effort into trying new things and expect to find your life purpose. Things don’t work that way. You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone at times to be able to grow and find new interests.

My life purpose is to spread God’s word, awaken people from the mind control that the globalists have put the human population under, fight for human freedom and bring light to other people’s lives! What is your life purpose? Let me know in the comments!

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Blog #8: Cannabis and Workouts

Hello my fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! In this blog, I’m going to talk about using cannabis for workouts!

I want to start out with saying that when I first started getting into working out back in 2014, I used cannabis before I worked out. Since then, I have continued to used cannabis in over 95% of my workouts. So what I say in this blog comes from my own personal experience.

The first thing that comes to mind with the combination of cannabis and working out is the mind-muscle connection I focus on intently while performing the exercises. It helps me focus more on having good form and quality of reps over lifting more weight or getting more reps while sacrificing good form. I’m going to be very clear that working out after using cannabis isn’t for MOST people. I thank God that I happen to thrive in my workouts when I use cannabis.

Secondly, working out after indulging in some dank cannabis is a good hobby to have while being medicated! Who says that people that use cannabis don’t stay in shape? Working out is one of my favorite things to do while I’m medicated.

Thirdly, having the good euphoric feelings from working out combined with the medicated feeling from the cannabis combined is an AMAZING feeling. You have to experience this to know what I am talking about. It is at least worth trying at least once in your life!

What next comes to mind is how cannabis helps with post-workout recovery. After a good workout, your muscles tend to be sore after you had an intense workout! Using cannabis after a workout helps with muscle soreness and it feels good when your body gets that relaxed feeling after a workout. It helps you recover faster and be able to push through in your workouts and keep getting those GAINS!

Those are the top four things that came to mind from my experience with the combination of cannabis and working out!

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Blog #6: Why Pullups Are Essential In Your Workout Routine

Hello you fellow Medicinalizer. Welcome to the blog! Today, I’m going to go over why I think you should have pullups in your workout routine.

The first reason that comes to mind is that it is a good exercise to test your MENTAL STRENGTH. It is a difficult exercise and most people can’t do many pullups or any at all. Doing pullups takes mental focus in order to do clean reps. Keep in mind that most people can’t complete a SINGLE pullup. So be proud of yourself if you can complete a clean pullup.

The next reason that comes to mind is that it is a great for building BACK MUSCLE. It is great for the rear delts and it helps you build that V-shape look that is highly aesthetic and that almost everyone wants. I would argue that pullups are a better exercise for your back than the lat pulldown.

My third reason is that it helps build your ARMS. Pulling yourself up helps develop your biceps and to a lesser degree your triceps. It is a great bicep builder and who doesn’t want big biceps?

Another reason that caught my attention is that it is a COMPOUND movement. Pullups work multiple muscle groups and that is great for developing your physique. Compound movements are great because you can do less isolation exercises and save more time while hit all the muscle groups.

This was a shorter blog, but I wanted to give some reasons why you should start making pullups apart of your workout routine!

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Blog #2: The Importance of Reading Books

Hello you fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! Today, in this blog, I will talk about why I think it is important to read books for our mental health.

Growing up, I have to admit that I fell into the trap that mostly “nerds” read books. That is something that I look back on and shake my head and wonder what I was thinking back then.

Then after my school career ended, that is when I started to get into reading books. I wished I got into reading books earlier in my life. The positive thing is that it is never too late to start a good habit!

Now let’s get into some benefits of reading books regularly! The first one that comes to mind is that it exercises your brain. Our brain is like our muscles and our immune system. If you don’t train those three regularly and get them stronger, then they will get weak over time. If your brain is not in shape, then you won’t be informed, thus leading to you making unwise life decisions. Having low brain power also affects your mental focus and your productivity levels as well.

The next benefit that comes to mind from reading books regularly is that it’s peaceful and boosts your mood. There is something tranquil about sitting in a quiet room and enjoy reading a book! It helps slow things down in a world where things are moving at record speeds! Having some time to find a peaceful hobby like reading books is always good for your mental health.

The third benefit that comes to mind is that you can get lots of knowledge and wisdom from books! When I’m reading a book, I like to have a pen and underline things that stand out to me. Daily at I post quotes from books that I read in the “Books of Gab” group that are very insightful. It always feels good to gain knowledge from reading books and getting multiple authors’ perspectives!

Those are the top three benefits that came to mind when dealing with reading books.

What are your favorite books of all time? Leave a comment!

Thank you for viewing my blog today!

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