Blog #5: Our Attitude Should Be Gratitude

Hello my fellow Medicinalizers! Welcome to the blog!

Having an attitude of gratitude makes life more enjoying and peaceful. No matter where you are at currently in your life that it could be worse. Being gracious helps us see the blessings that God has given us. We also have to be thankful for the sufferings that we have gone through in our own lives. Our sufferings is what makes us grow stronger in our faith.

When we are not gracious, we tend to love ourselves and not God. This could be the most important reason to be gracious. If we are only gracious for our blessings and not our sufferings, we become selfish and don’t serve God fully.

Saying daily prayers, going to church regularly, and giving to others in need or just out of love will help us be grounded and appreciative for what we have.

Be gracious and humble.

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