Blog #6: Importance of Reading The Holy Bible Everyday

Hello my fellow Medicinalizers! Welcome to the blog!

It is important as followers of Jesus Christ to read The Holy Bible everyday for numerous reasons.

The first reason that comes to mind is that it has a great amount of wisdom. It is a book that helps guide us through the ups and downs in life and how to do good and stay away from evil.

Another reason that comes to mind is that it helps you spiritually and have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than how the world views you.

One more reason to consider reading The Holy Bible is that it humbles us. It helps us to put God first and not ourselves. In this world, we are socially engineered to idiolize anything else but God. Staying away from Idolotry only strengthens our relationship with our creator.

Challenge yourself to read four pages of The Holy Bible daily.

What other reasons to why we should the Holy Bible everyday?

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