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Blog #4: Actions You Can Take To Get Your Freedoms Back!

Ever since mid March of 2020, we have been put under endless tyrannical lockdowns, quarantines, and state mandates. Unfortunately most of the human population have bought into the mainstream media brainwashing and complied with the mandates without questioning them.

So you might be wondering, what actions can I take to get my freedoms back? Good news is that there are actions that you can take to help you move in the right direction and getting your freedoms back! Now let’s go over some actions to take.

  1. Start getting informed and read books and tune into independent news media over mainstream media. Get out of the mental prison of big tech and mainstream media!
  2. Vote with your wallet! Avoid giving your hard earn money to these globalist corporations and give it to smaller businesses.
  3. Understand how we have been dumbed down by the media, technology, fluoride in the water, etc. Then make adjustments and avoid those vices that dumb us down.
  4. Get off big tech platforms and get on platforms such as Gab, Brighteon, and Bitchute that allow free speech and the free flow of information.
  5. Get more self sufficient by getting storable food, water and air filtration, guns and ammo, etc.
  6. Don’t wear the mask when you go into public places but have the mask in your pocket in case they ask you to put it on if you would like. The main point is make them enforce the ridiculous face mask rule. If the workers had to continually enforce the rule, they will give up on it eventually.
  7. Once you feel you are decently well informed, start spreading the truth with people around, on social media, in your local community, etc. Make your voice be heard and use the First Amendment!
  8. Protect your soul from Satan’s trickery.

Those were eight actions that I could think of. Do you have any more actions that people could take to get our freedoms back? Leave a comment!

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