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Blog #5: The Importance of Being on Multiple Free Speech Social Media Platforms

Hello! You fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! In this blog, I will mention the importance of being on MULTIPLE FREE SPEECH social media platforms and not just one.

With Big Tech platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) cracking down on Free Speech and the free flow of information, these alternative Free Speech social media platforms are crucial to be able to communicate freely with one another! There has been a mass exodus from Big Tech ever since President Donald J. Trump got deplatformed from Big Tech platforms.

Another thing that is important to understand is FINANCIALLY support these platforms that support the First Amendment and protect Free Speech and the Free Flow of Information. Freedom is not free and the majority of the human population forget this. We all have the power to vote with our wallets and who we give our attention and time to. I advise you to give it to social media platforms that protect Freedom of Speech and the Free Flow of Information!

The next thing I want to mention is being on MUTLIPLE free speech platforms and not just one. With our busy lives, I know it is hard to keep up with more than one platform. Still, we have to find a way to get our messages out on multiple platforms and spread our messages FREELY! Being on multiple Free Speech social media platforms, you spread your reach to more people and you can also get more valuable content from others as well!

One other tip to get more content and followers on these platforms is to follow people that have recently joined and that are active on the platform. First off, you will have more of a variety of content on your feed and you help build others build their following as well as yours so our messages can get out to more people! Also, it keeps your feed from being a complete echo chamber of seeing only a few people’s ideas. On each platform you will find some content that isn’t on another one.

Do you have any Free Speech social media platforms that you use? Comment which ones you are on!

Thank you for viewing the blog today! Speaking of social media platforms, all of my social media links are in the MENU tab of this website!

For the sake of the topic of this blog I will post them below this as well.


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