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Blog #7: We Have To Start At The Local Level To Get Our Freedoms Back

Hello my fellow Medicinalizer! Welcome to the blog! In this blog, I’m going to mention the importance of starting to get politically active at the local level to get our freedoms back!

Usually when we start to think of how we can get involved politically, we think of being involved at the national level. It is important, but it is way more important to start at the local level and work your way up. I’m going to give a few ways how to start getting politically active.

The first step to get politically active at the local level is to get INFORMED first. If you are not informed on what your beliefs are and don’t have facts, evidence, and logic to back up your message, it will be close to impossible to make an impact politically. Getting informed takes time, hard work, and focus. Hours and hours of research is essential in order to be informed.

After getting informed, then you have to start informing others. It does not good to be informed and not spread your wisdom and knowledge to others! People are looking for the truth more now than ever. There are numerous ways in order to get your message out.

The third step is to look up your governor and your local mayor. With the COVID-1984 hysteria, we have seen the truth character and intentions of these people in higher positions. With all of the negative things that come with this, there is some positive that comes out of this as well. You get to see who are the people in power that are for the people or that have lobbyist money behind their every move. Once you find out the tyrannical leaders, it’s important to vote them out of their positions and vote in people that are for freedom and pro-humanity.

The last thing I wanted to mention is to participate in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and speak the truth because the truth will always win. It’s important to ignore and block out the shame tactics that will be thrown your way when you are fighting for freedom and good in this world! For example, speak out on the face masks and how they aren’t effective and is an infringement on your freedoms. There are plenty more examples for you to take action on!

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