Blog #4: You Should Consider Kickboxing

Hello my fellow Medicinalizers! Welcome to the blog!

Kickboxing is such a fun sport to get into and great workouts as well. I wish I would’ve got into it sooner. Let’s go over three reasons why you should consider get into Kickboxing.

The first reason that comes to mind that it is a full-body workout. Throwing punches and landing kicks works your entire body and it’s a great way to get your whole body toned. It works on both your strength and your cardiovascular endurance as well.

The next reason that I thought of is that it relieves stress and anger in a healthy way. Instead of taking your anger out on people, you can take it out on the bags. After a good Kickboxing workout, you should feel less stressed than before the workout. A great way to relieve anger and stress and get a good workout in.

The third and final reason to get into Kickboxing is that it helps with self-confidence of being able of defending yourself and your loved ones if NEEDED. Hopefully we only have to use our Kickboxing skills only on the punching bags. This will only come with practice and then more practice to get the self-confidence from this.

That was a few reasons to get into kickboxing. Leave some comments on your thoughts or experiences with Kickboxing!

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