Blog #2: Why Pullups Are Essential In Your Workout Routine

Hello you fellow Medicinalizer. Welcome to the blog! Today, I’m going to go over why I think you should have pullups in your workout routine.

The first reason that comes to mind is that it is a good exercise to test your MENTAL STRENGTH. It is a difficult exercise and most people can’t do many pullups or any at all. Doing pullups takes mental focus in order to do clean reps. Keep in mind that most people can’t complete a SINGLE pullup. So be proud of yourself if you can complete a clean pullup.

The next reason that comes to mind is that it is a great for building BACK MUSCLE. It is great for the rear delts and it helps you build that V-shape look that is highly aesthetic and that almost everyone wants. I would argue that pullups are a better exercise for your back than the lat pulldown.

My third reason is that it helps build your ARMS. Pulling yourself up helps develop your biceps and to a lesser degree your triceps. It is a great bicep builder and who doesn’t want big biceps?

Another reason that caught my attention is that it is a COMPOUND movement. Pullups work multiple muscle groups and that is great for developing your physique. Compound movements are great because you can do less isolation exercises and save more time while hit all the muscle groups.

This was a shorter blog, but I wanted to give some reasons why you should start making pullups apart of your workout routine!

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